Sustainable development

Aercrete Technology AB is a company that takes social responsibility for preserving nature’s resources for future generations. Within our corporate culture, sustainable development is just as important as increasing efficiency throughout the process chain from suppliers to end customers. An important part of sustainable societies is sustainable buildings, with a good indoor climate, sustainable materials and with minimal environmental impact.

We strive to build machines that benefit communities and businesses as the use of the Aercrete systems has a small impact on the environment. No high noise levels and emissions of harmful particles into the local environment.

The company’s sustainability strategy covers the entire supply chain:

  • Research and development
  • Purchase
  • Production
  • Sale
  • Logistics

Financial responsibility

Aercrete Technology AB shall work for long-term sustainable business at all stages, both by taking responsibility for the supply chain and ensuring satisfied customers.  It makes good economic sense in the short and long term. 

Environmental responsibility

Aercrete Technology’s machines make it possible to produce foam concrete sustainably.

By producing the foam concrete on site, reduces transportation, less consumption of fossil fuels and energy needs are reduced when producing the material.

Foam concrete is recyclable and free from environmentally hazardous chemicals. Foam concrete is also self-insulating and sound absorbing.

Social responsibility

Aercrete Technology AB works to run business under good ethical conditions and takes responsibility for its local area. De employees should have a good working environment from both physical and psychological perspectives. We work for that the company have a healthy balance between different genders, ages, ethnicity, and religions in the workplace. We want all our employees, suppliers, and customers to feel our care as we work to make people feel good and have a good time. As an employee of Aercrete Technology AB, you are a key person regardless of your professional role.


Aercrete Technology AB complies with the reporting requirements of SIS/TS 2:2021 Corporate Social Responsibility. The self-declaration follows the working methods in SS-EN ISO 26000:2021 with the aim of maximizing our contribution to the global goals for sustainable development