The Aercrete 725 is a complete mobile plant for the manufacture of foam concrete. 

By building with foam concrete from Aercrete 725, you achieve a good insulating value with low consumption of resources.

The construction process is faster and the costs of materials and transport are reduced while making significant environmental benefits thanks to lower CARBON emissions.

The foam concrete is manufactured continiously directly at the construction site where only local water supply is required. 

The machine has continuous volumetric mixing of cement, foam, water and for higher density also sand.

The Aercrete 725 integrates the following features into one, easy-to-use machine:

  • Mobile trailer with a gross weight of 3500 kg
  • Robust diesel engine EURO3/EURO5 with less fuel consumption
  • Energy efficient
  • Volumetric, continuous cement mixer
  • Foam generator
  • Concrete pump
  • Integrated process for additives
  • User friendly touchscreen control panel 
  • Long range remote control for emergency stop and machine supervision


Eliminates unnecessary transportation costs for materials.

The Aercrete concept enables a low water/cement ratio that results in maximum compressive strength while limiting shrinkage and surface cracks.

Aercrete’s patented process control dispenses exactly all ingredients, including air, and enables quality results every time.

Optional density from 300 to 1800 kg/m3

The production capacity is up to 20 m3 (30 cubic yards) per hour and the pump distance is up to 30m vertically or 200 m horizontally, depending on density.

With the integrated solution to mix in water reduction additive the foam concrete gets stronger, more fluently and reduce the water consumption.

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