The building materials of the future

With Aercrete’s unique  mobile equipment, foam concrete is currently manufactured directly in the workplace with high quality and with good economy.

Foam concrete is an affordable and light cement-based material with attractive properties such as environmentally friendly, thermal insulating against both heat and cold and fireproof.

Foam concrete is produced under the ideal conditions  sifthe Aercrete system creates. The density can be freely adjusted as needed in the range of 300-1800 kg/m3.

With Aercrete’s patented process  control, you get an exact expected result every time.

Foam concrete applications are available in many different areas.


Ordinary concrete is a mixture of binders, fillers. It is the chemical reaction between cement and water that hardens the concrete and gives it strength.

Although the basic ingredients of ordinary concrete are cheap, the concrete has certain properties that make it undesirable for many applications. Properties such as high weight and density, high thermal conductivity or low thermal insulator. The concrete also becomes very hard, difficult to shape and difficult to tear when hardened.

To counteract the negative properties of ordinary concrete, the filling agent sand can be replaced with other material. In Foam concrete, the sand is replaced in whole or in part with small round air bubbles produced by using Aercrete Aercell A-7.

The less sand and thus more air, the lower the density, self-weight of the material. With the reduced weight, the insulating ability of the material increases and due to the hardness of the material also decreases, it becomes easier to process.

Foam concrete is fluid and fills out moulds and nooks and crannies and it does not require gasket or vibration. The foam concrete is almost self-snivelling. Foam concrete must be produced on site in order for density to be predicted and to reach maximum strength.

Advantages of Aercrete FC

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Continuously produced on site with selectable density
  • Light-flowing, pumpable and basically completely self-leveling
  • No packing or vibration, which leads to easy work execution with a good working environment
  • Easy to excavate
  • Good sound absorption capacity
  • Frost proof
  • Insulates against heat and cold
  • Fire classified A1 and A 1fl
  • Insensitive to fire and high temperatures
  • Good bearing capacity and strength
  • Does not erode and does not require back pressure
  • 100% recyclable