CLC Housing

CLC Housing has chosen the Aercrete System model for its entire operations in the construction of apartments and small houses around Sweden and invested in an Aercrete 625 machine in ethe beginning of 2020 and was put into service in March in building projects.

The construction method is very efficient and fast. The mobile concrete machine delivers foam concrete equivalent to 20 m³ per hour and the casting takes place in moulds on site.

CLC Housing has for a few years developed its various property models with Sweco as a partner for the entire portfolio. The Aercrete System method is used in large-scale operations in different locations around the world, but CLC Housing is the first in Sweden to standardize the production of rental apartments and small houses with this unique method.

CLC Housing acquired 13,000 m² of land in Skåne and started with the construction of 6 architect-designed single-family houses designed by Sweco.

Thanks to CLC Housing´s fast construction method they got a short construction time, and the houses was quickly ready for occupancy.

The first houses were completed during the summer of 2020.

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Global and Affordable Housing Systems

EchoStone Housing Systems
EchoStone started in 2016 to use Aercrete´s technology for construction of low-cost houses. EchoStone use Aercrete´s technology to produce high-quality foam concrete and provide affordable low-cost building on an industrial scale and at a rapid pace.

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Swedish entrepreneur

SESAB, Skumbetong entreprenad sverige AB
SESAB is using the Aercrete system for concrete repair and a variety of other concrete services in Sweden.  For more information, visit the SESAB website.

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Aercrete cooperates with various specialists in the field of:

  • Chemistry
  • Construction technology
  • Concrete research
  • Machine and production technologies

To be able to produce the best products on the market with focus on Cellular Lightweight Concrete.
Among others; RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden (CBI, Cement och betonginstitutet)