Combined with a regular cement mixer and the FG-6, anyone can make smaller batches of Foam Concrete easier than ever. 

Quality Foam Concrete is a low cost material with very attractive properties. The lack of demand for foam concrete may stem from a notion that it is hard to produce and that a consistent high quality is difficult to maintain. Thus, eliminating variations in the manufacturing process is key to making great foam concrete.

Aercrete has developed the FG-6 Foam Generator with this in mind.

The FG-6 incorporates Aercrete’s patented technology for foam generation. The result is a foam generator that delivers foam of an exact density, at a precise rate and specific pre-set final volume. There are no variations, no guessing, no testing, no timing or costly set-up adjustments – simply, there is no room for errors with the FG-6 !

Producing foam with the FG-6 involves just 3 steps:

  1. Select desired production speed
  2. Set the volume of foam required for the batch
  3. Press “Start”
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