EchoStone - Global and Affordable Housing Systems

15-july 2016  - Worldwide Sales and Distribution

EchoStone and Aercrete sign an exclusive international sales and distribution partnership whereby EchoStone maintains exclusive rights to the use of Aercrete technology for construction of low cost housing outside of Sweden.  With use of the technology, EchoStone has developed and initiated an affordable housing system that is innovative, rapid, sustainable, and scalable.

EU Research Project

10-jan 2015  -  Development

Aercrete was one of a few choosen to participate in a development project funded by the european union. The main purpose is the development of innovative, sustainable façade elements and partition walls based on earthen materials, optimised cementitious materials with modified surfaces and wooden or cellulose materials in order to improve the indoor environment with regards to health and occupant comfort and to increase the energy efficiency of residential buildings.
Read more about it here.

Sesab - Swedish CLC entrepreneur

21-jan 2012  -  Swedish Sales

Since 2012, Sesab has represented Aercrete in Sweden using CLC for concrete repair and a variety of other concrete services in Sweden.  Sesab’s goal is to be the primary CLC entrepreneur in Sweden.

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